Protecting Your Valuables

Lets put things in perspective.

Companies will pay thousands of dollars on a front door and thousands more on cameras and security systems.

You would never leave your doors open after business hours.

You have cameras and sensors or even physical security guards to watch over your premises.

What about your computers? What about your network? What about your email? If these things are not locked up and secured properly you are not only open to intruders from you local community, You are open to the intruders that lurk on the entire internet.

In the past few weeks our help desk has screened several calls and incidents that deal with the dangers that lurk on the internet.

These incidents have ranged from email compromises, ransomware to malware activities.

The dangers on the internet seem to get more sophisticated with each passing day.

In one instance, if it was not for a good back up strategy, much would have been lost.

In the coming days / weeks I would recommend that you review your back up strategy and disaster recovery plans.

In the meantime .....A good back up strategy includes:

-DAILY full back up. (5 or 6 different tapes or drives)

-Someone at your organization changing the back up media every day.

-Someone taking that Back up offsite.

-Periodic restores to ensure you can restore from that media.

You should also review your Firewall (if applicable) to ensure the Firmware is up to date and review any rules that are in place with the manufacturer (We encourage Barracuda or Sophos as a general rule.)

We are also very big on IT and Network documentation and you should review this as well to ensure accuracy and that it is up to date.

We are also recommending more complex passwords for your email and desktops. Especially in this new world of "cloud" access. (email... banking .... almost everything)

Here is an example of a complex password that is fairly easy to recall. !MyBday1$Jan1st2019! Then every year change the year.

(Yes ... we know ... security ALWAYS infringes on convenience)

Although NOT recommended Many people use the same password for many things.....

If you ever hear that Amazon, Facebook or some other large organization has been compromised? And you use that password in other things?


The other concern that we have is this:

911 IT does not work.

Many of our clients have us come in on a regular basis. Thank you for that !

Some clients only call when they need us. Kind of like a 911 service provider.

This is a very dangerous approach as opposed to regularly scheduled visits and being proactive instead of reactive to IT situations.

Regular scheduled visits, gives you and our team a chance to check things over.

Back up


Windows Updates



and so much more.....

Thank you for listening

Thank you for being a valued and continued client. We truly value your business !

Thank you for considering us for your IT needs.

Wishing you a wonderful day and encouraging all safe and happy computing!

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions or concerns.

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