Back Up Solutions

Back up ! Back up ! Back Up!

Gee ... !!! Did I mention to Back up?

We are doing our best to remind our valued clients about the importance of BACK UP.

This can be done as simply as a USB jump drive or as complex as an entire redundant system.

The important thing is that you actually do BACK UP !

The next thing is that it you DO IT OFTEN.

The next thing is that you PROTECT YOUR BACK UP.

This is done by keeping the back up OFFSITE.

A good back is a wonderful thing. It does you no benefit however, if it is in the desk drawer beside the server when your building gets leveled by fire / flood or some other catastrophe.


USB Drive : simple but can get lost or wiped out with a fridge magnet. :-)

(Come on ... admit it ... ever found a USB drive in the wash?)

Daily Back Up : can be done on portable hard drives or tapes. This method seems to be the most common. Once again the back up must be kept offsite ! Also you have to have someone checking that the back up actually happened. Not just swapping the tapes. It is also a good idea to do a test restore of a few files to ensure that back up actually works.

Cloud Back Up : There a numerous services out there that you can utilize. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or back up agents such as Data Deposit Box.Every vendor tends to offer some kind of "Cloud Storage".

Redundant System: This is the best solution by far. I always say, "You can do whatever you want with money." This solution entails a back up and a redundant system. There are services available now that , in the event you have a catastrophe you can simply get a couple of PCs / Laptops and point them to the redundant system and "Poof" you are back up in business in a matter of minutes ... (Hours is more realistic). It sure beats "days". These services run aprox $250 per month for a Single server with 500G storage.

Any of the above will provide you some level of peace of mind. Some are better than others .... the main thing is that you Back up your data.

Oh by the way ..... Did I mention that you should BACK UP ?

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