New virus on the prowl...

We just wanted to give a fair warning regarding a new virus that has been spreading quickly.

It is a Ransom virus that comes in an email that was deployed in February. Once the email is opened and the attachment is clicked on it deploys a virus and infects the computer and network. This is a very new and aggressive virus that bypasses almost all antivirus programs. So far no solution has been found to protect from this.

Rule #1: Do not open an email you do not recognize or which seems unusual. Some of these emails will come with a heading of "invoice for "your name".

If you are not expecting it, delete it. The attachment will often appear as a word document. Again, Do not open it

...below is an example of an infected email.

Rule #2: If you suspect you have been infected, immediately close all programs that are open and shut down your computer, disconnect your network cable, Call us at Mariner Solutions or your IT professional to deal with the infection. this infection WILL spread over the network and infect other computers quickly and even damage your online/offline backups.

When infected, computer programs will give error messages about corrupt files and many "ransom notes" will be displayed. These may come in text documents such as "locky recover instructions" or even an image on your desktop which states "your files have been encrypted".

If you have any questions or concerns let us know. We will be in touch to take a few precaution steps and scan/update your systems.

Again, the only true solution for this infection is to NOT open the email.

Thanks for your Time


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