The future of Technology?

The Cloud. Big Data. Mobility. 3D Printing Capabilities.

As we move forward with ever changing updates within the wide world of technology and advancements in computer sciences which are helping to diminish limitations at an alarming pace; we often have to keep in mind what could come next or what is currently in the near future!

As a consultation and I.T. Services company we like to do our very best to stay current and up to date in the I.T. world, while also knowing when to outsource or recommend other services/products that we at Mariner Solutions have used in good faith!

As we provide services to our existing and new clients we advise them to do things in a cost effective way keeping in mind data protection and being fully secure; both for their records as well as the confidentiality of their clients. Currently we have been pushing our clients towards updating to "The Cloud" as we believe this is the future of back-up and provides ease of use to the clients as well as the companies we assist in documentation.

Big Data is dealing with the surge of ever growing and advancing data! Picture files are growing, documents with templates, updates to software, etc.! Old data is becoming less relevant but still must be archived and filed/ backed-up appropriately in order to make space for the new data coming in! Big Data, we are here to help you navigate through your sea of data when things get rough.....Don't forget to call a Mariner!

Mobility i.e. cellphones, tablets, iPads, androids, etc.! As new products and updates are released on a regular basis things can get a bit confusing and hectic connecting them to your already existing accounts and programs. We can assist in keeping our clients up to date and hip in the areas of mobility; both inside the office hours as well as after hours. We at Mariner Solutions can assist you to never miss a beat and stay mobile when you need!

3D Printing has made some amazing advancements in the past few years, here at Mariner Solutions we are not quite yet experts in the manner however if you would like to learn more or make a prototype; feel free to visit the ISP Canada storefront TechAlley on Oxford St. here in London to see one in action as well as other cutting edge technological gadgets!

Stay tuned for more updates....

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