Solutions for Fellow Mariners:

Some of our customers are vessels, (Ships / Tugs / Research), that navigate and work on The Great Lakes.

When you are 15 miles from shore CAT5 cables don’t stretch that far; And its pretty tough to have a fibre optic cable connection to shore for internet. Satellite internet is Available but VERY expensive.

Our Mariner’s Solution?

An Internet Stick or Hub from BELL Canada.

Why Bell?

Bell is the oldest and most trusted phone company in Canada.

Yes, I know we have all had our experiences with Bell but the reality is this: If you are navigating anywhere near the coast of Newfoundland and need cell based services, BELL is the right Choice.

If you had an issue with your cell phone in Newfoundland for example?

The folks in Newfoundland would say ROGER who? (Referring to Rogers Communication services of course.)

BELL is CANADA WIDE and will always have the BEST cell technology and connection service FIRST.

They will then resell it to the other companies after they have had it out for a while. (Telus, Wind, Koodo, Etc.)

As a Captain, I have worked the waters around the East Coast of Canada as well as The Great Lakes! IF you can get signal at all typically BELL will be one of the first and generally the strongest and most reliable connection available.

Here is what we can tell you about our internet service for Vessels on the Great Lakes.

It is CANADA based. The sticks are set up NOT to ROAM. (We check on this quarterly to ensure that, that does not change.)

This means you are not going to get charged astronomical ROAMING charges! (One of our customers went from $6,000 per month down to $500 per month. They were very appreciative.)

Here are the rates as of Feb 2015 (subject to change of course.)

Buy the stick $179.00 or a Wi-Fi Hub $299.00

Put it on a “Flex” plan. $11.30 per month with only 100mb data usage.

(We all know that we can chew up 100MB with one visit to Facebook so that’s why we have listed the remainder of the pricing below.)

Monthly Charges.

$10 month for “Flex Plan” 100mb or less

100 MB to 500 MB add $20 for a total $30

500MB to 2 GB add $15 for a total of $45.

2GB to 6GB add $25.00 for a total of $70

6GB to 10GB add $15 for a total of $85

10GB to 15GB add $20 for a total of $105

15 GB and over = $10 per GB

So $ 105 + GB x $10

So for all your vessel needs for internet access; Please let us know and we can help set this up for you!

As always, Mariner Solutions is ready to serve.

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