What Security Software Can I Trust?

Dave's Recommendation for Security Software:

Baracuda Security Software https://www.barracuda.com

Why do we recommend Barracuda?

Personally I am not a security expert.

If you claim to be a security expert? You had better have many years experience in a technology security role and numerous security credentials behind your name. I can not comfortably tell my clients that I am an expert in that area. Nor does our hourly rate reflect such confidence to take that role on.

Barracuda on the other hand are security experts. They employ some of the finest minds in security circles and they have these people working for you. They offer this to you in the purchase of a handy little appliance(s). Also the customer purchases a "subscription" that keeps the appliance totally up to date. So, for less than $500 per year you enjoy the benefits of this technology and the most up to date defense against penetration from the outside. On top of this? You can purchase an "instant" replacement policy. You will have an appliance on your doorstep in 24 hrs should your appliance fail for whatever reason. Not only that... by paying this wee bit extra?

They will ship you a brand new appliance every 4 years. So you are totally up to date and protected!


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