When You Need to Think about REPLACING your PC....

Have Questions about when and where you need to replace your PC? shoot us a PM on our page and get some Advice on what kind of computer your small business needs and where to get it to maximize your businesses potential!

We at Mariner Solutions recommend ....

For PC's / Servers : Lenovo, HP, or Dell.

Buying computers at a discounted price (eg. Best Buy) vs. reputable source (our suppliers) can make all the difference in the world. For example, your friend up the street could build you a computer fairly inexpensively. However, that PC will not come with the support of a warranty or any guarantees besides the possibility of saving a few bucks off the start; HOWEVER if you Purchase a PC recommended and trusted by small businesses than you can be assured that a few million dollars in research and development stand behind their product and their name! Also you can trust that the mentioned recommended PC providers have assembled their hardware in Clean Rooms and stand proudly behind their research and products.

IF your computer is for personal use only then a $300 laptop from Retailer is just fine for your Needs! HOWEVER...IF using as a WORKSTATION which will be required to be running and available for 8-12 or 24 Hours a day...THEN a higher level or BUSINESS GRADE computer is NEEDED!

For business we recommend a workstation with a 3 year (next business day warranty), Business computer is RECOMMENDED!

Count on your computers lifespan to be about 4 years; somewhere at the half point of those 4 yrs you should be refreshing or reinstalling your system.When purchasing a computer for business needs you would basically be able to count on a 4 year computer (3 years of which will be covered under warranty), and the final year being a risk that is taken.

If the client is recommended to purchase a server for their business needs; server should last at least 5 years (w/ warranty purchased). A Server should NOT be treated as a work station in that only work related information is stored and Internet browsing should be limited or not at all.

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