Backup strategy


A good back up strategy can assure that you and your business will have continuity in the event  that your system / computers ever let you down. Back up encompasses many aspects. Data is just the beginning. We can assist you with hardware and software solutions that are in harmony with your business continuity plans.


Mariner Solutions has been a full service I.T. company since 1997.  We service anything from cell phone setup to servers to infrastructure.  We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and team that can handle any I.T. issue you may have. 


Purchasing and set up of the appropriate hardware for the task at hand is also an important part of your IT Strategy. You require Hardware that will support your needs now and down the road. Hardware that is fault tolerant and covered by reputable manufactures warranty.

Virus prevention

The internet, networks and sharing of information can present challenges. This opens the doors for malicious code to do its work. A good reliable Malware and Antivirus solution can assist your business and your schedule. Uptime is what you desire. We provide and recommend the very best in Malware / Antivirus solutions so you can focus on your business.

Networking / Infrastructure

We offer anything from wiring a computer to setting up a full network at your new office.  Switches, Firewalls and routers are what we do!  If you are moving offices or looking at building a new one we can come and give you a plan of action and execute that plan for you. 


People can’t know it all. Your job is to run YOUR business. Our job is to help you understand what is new, in technology and in the dangers and risks that lurk outside your firewalls. We instruct you and your user base on what to watch for and what to avoid.

Helpdesk / Support

We are confident that we have the very best in helpdesk support. Our patience and experience can assist you and your users through most day to day issues that can arise.  We are on call 24 hours a day / Seven days a week. We have the ability to connect to you remotely to provide you the assistance you require. Thus avoiding costly service calls.