Client feedback

Leavens VW


    It is my pleasure to recommend the IT services of Mariner Solutions to you. During the past year, our team at Leavens Volkswagen has worked directly with Mariner Solutions, on numerous IT projects. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work ethic and service. We can always count on Mariner Solutions to give us piece of mind when it comes to our IT concerns. 


    On initial meeting with Mariner Solutions, they illustrated their attention to detail and concern for quality right away. With full documentation and easy to understand maps of our infrastructure, it made it easy for us here, at Leavens Volkswagen, to understand our IT department. Mariner Solutions always recommends the latest and greatest software and cost cutting solutions putting our IT concerns at ease. 


    Please consider Mariner Solutions for all your IT needs. We recommend them and look forward to a continued working relationship with them in the future.




Justin Coombs 

Digital Communications Leavens Volkswagen 



Gemini Motors

I am writing this letter in regards to Mariner Solutions. Dave and his staff Have been providing us with excellent IT service for many years.
When we have had difficulty with our system, Dave had been prompt in helping us resolve the issue in a timely manner. We have had many changes in our company over the past 5 years including an expansion and additional employees added to our team. Mariner Solutions has been efficient in the tasks asked of them to have our office spaces running as required. We would highly recommend his services.

We wish Mariner Solutions many successful years to come.


Larry McKnight
Dealer Principal



Eggett Tax Service



     Computer network must be quick and dependable. Any down time can be

costly in both client.satisfaction and our business success.


David MacAdam, and his company MARINER SOLUTIONS, have had the exclusive control of our network for over ten years. Prior to his appearance on the scene we had several other firms try to meet our needs but serious difficulties persisted. David was able to solve the networking problems quickly. Most importantly these "solutions" held fast.


    David's service is excellent. He always responds quickly to any problem and makes sure to follow up later to make sure the issue has been permanently solved. Our computer network is our most important asset. We cannot afford to have the computers down, especially during our peak tax time period. 


    Mariner Solutions has never failed to respond to our immediate needs. 


Over the long term he ensures we follow through with a preventative program to maintain the highest performance from our computer network.


I would recommend David without hesitation to work on and be involved with any aspect of computer networking.



Eggett Tax Services Inc.



Prossler Auto Group


    We have been using Mariner Solutions for all our computer repair needs since October 2013. We have a large number of computers and printers. Due to the size of our company we require on-site and remote repairs on a regular basis. 


    We are very pleased with Dave and his staff's abilities to meet our computer repair needs in a timely manner. They are very polite,informative and knowledgeable in all types of computers and printers.


    The email ticket website his client's access to inform them of computer problems is very easy and friendly to use. It allows you to email them your computer concerns and have confidence that the problem will be corrected. Once the repair has been fixed an email is sent notifying you that the problem is resolved.


    In conclusion we are very happy with the service that Mariner Solutions offers and would recommend them to any other company.




Michelle Toner


Accounting Manager

Prossler Auto Group


Dentistry Office


Computers and their software are not always reliable, but the staff at Mariner Solutions are totally 100% reliable.


My dental office has had the good fortune to have Mariner Solutions tackle and resolve computer related issues. Thus avoiding costly and frustrating paralysis of dental office functions.

I highly recommend Mariner Solutions!




Dr. Edward Chong


OWL Distribution  Inc.


OWL Distribution Inc. has been a customer of Dave MacAdam and Mariner Solutions since 1999. 


During this period of time we have been very pleased with the level of service that we have received from all of the employees of Mariner Solutions and especially Dave MacAdam.  When we originally started to use their services we had a small data processing department with essentially no support. 


Dave helped us determine the correct direction to proceed and was instrumental in designing, implementing and debugging our computers and software.  Over the years we have greatly increased the size and scope of the department and Dave/Mariner Solutions have been involved in every step of the process.  We recently completed upgraded our network and main frame systems and Dave was the driver in procuring this upgrade.  We have been very happy both with the implementation of the project and with ongoing results.


As the result of this latest upgrade we have hired in-house support.  Dave has been very gracious in training and helping us evolve through this process.  We continue to use Dave as a resource and our plans are to continue in this manner for the foreseeable future.


Based on our experience I would recommend Dave and Mariner Solutions to anyone who is in the small to medium range of data processing.  We continue to use Dave’s expertise to oversee what we are doing, his documentation skills and his attention to detail in security and data management.  While we are more self-sufficient than we were, we still use Dave.


In addition to Dave’s considerable technical skills his dedication to ensuring that we are looked after.  I have never had to worry about a project being neglected, or an afterhour’s situation being ignored.  Dave has provided a peace of mind for us, even at times causing considerable disruption to his life.  We completely trust Dave with confidential information and have never in 15 years had even the slightest reason to doubt this trust.


On a personal note, Dave is very accommodating and easy to work with from both a management and employee perspective. 


If you would like to discuss or want any other information please do not hesitate to call me.


Yours truly,


Al Praught       C.O.O.